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Providing clinical support for Israeli children suffering from cancer.

The Israel Children’s Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit organization providing clinical support for Israeli children suffering from the devastating disease of cancer. We offer assistance to every child in the state of Israel. Since its founding in 1998, the ICCF has worked tirelessly to cure as many children as possible. With a love of the land of Israel and a love for the people of Israel, the ICCF is committed to helping every child live to see their future.
Every year in Israel, approximately 500 children are diagnosed with cancer. The most common of these cancers are leukemia, brain tumors, bone cancers, neuroblastomas and lymphomas. Their diagnosis is where their battle begins and our journey starts. The ICCF works tirelessly, funding six of the largest hospitals and medical centers in Israel which care for 97% of all children diagnosed with cancer in Israel. When we say, “all children,” we mean every child, regardless of their race, creed or national origin. The ICCF is a nonpartisan organization serving every child residing in Israel.
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I would like to thank...ICCF again for your generous and constant support…The ICCF now plays a central role in the Pediatric Oncology effort in Israel, not only in financial support but also in education and advocacy… We hope to maintain this partnership for many years to come.
Dr. Michael Weintraub,
Director of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology, Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem.
Supporting doctors battle cancer
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Our Staff

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman
Honorary President
Harold N. Blond
Founder and President
Dr. Michael B. Harris
Chairman, Medical Advisory Council
David Taubenfeld
Director of Development
Ronni Pasciucco
Executive Secretary